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⭐ Toxic Map  ⭐Dungeon and Aventure Map⚔️ 1.18.2-1.19.x

⭐ Toxic Map ⭐Dungeon and Aventure Map⚔️ 1.18.2-1.19.x 7.9

This version adds support for 1.19 a new version that did not change much but has a lot of new things to see.
In terms of construction I think there should be no problems now.

normal performance.
Error block bedrock for obsidiana.
I made a mistake with the upgrade so here I leave it right,

the map is updated to the latest version 1.

I got the files mixed up, that's why I resubmitted it.
minor geyser failures and their performance impact.
small minor bug in bedrock caused crashes.
Added support for new minecraft trial versions and now supports Geyser for bedrock, java versions that were getting bugs in the blocks are now perfectly supported.

Fixed invisible blocks that I put in my tests and forgot to remove.
The downloads have been modified and I will no longer support 1.17.1.
I had to remove support for 1.18.1 and 1.18 because they were causing bugs but 1.18.2 is supported and 1.17.1 is also supported. Here are these 2 versions back separated by 2 zip downloads.
Because of the bugs I had prepared a separate map to 1.17.1 and this version only supports 1.18.2 do not upgrade if you want to continue using 1.17.1.
Performance was improved in 1.18.2 , pd if you like the map and whoever makes more leave me a 5 star rating.