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⭐️Shaldorn Keep⭐️| Custom dungeon | Unique Bosses

⭐️Shaldorn Keep⭐️| Custom dungeon | Unique Bosses 3.2

- Fixed players with creative mode on not being able to queue
- Fixed Loot Chests not working
- Fixed Reset Spawner command error
- Map updated removed old NPC
  • New Dungeon Files reworked to work seamlessly with Shaldorn Keep by combining them
  • Fixed an issue where players in creative couldn't join the dungeon
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- Updated for MythicMobs 5.0.2+
- Updated Lootchests for 1.18.2
- Updated Color and tag formatting to 1.18.2
- Updated Nametags to 1.18.2
- Updated Disguises to 1.18.2
- Updated to the newest Dungeons Plugin version
- Fixed Checkpoints to now correctly save after each player pass
- Fixed Boss bypass exploit for skipping via milk
- Fixed Spawners not resetting on dungeon start
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- Fixed 1.18 console error spam after killing the final boss
- Fixed Typo error in the last update causing major errors
- Re-uploaded new solo Dungeons File for Shaldorn Keep
- Fixed Obelisks getting knocked back with bows
- Fixed DropTable error on console
- Fixed bosses not dropping the intended XP
- Reduced Azriel's Guardian shockwave damage by 33%
- Reduced Azriel's Guardian Running shockwave damage by 33%
- Increased Azriel's Guardian Rock Fall damage to be True Damage
- Azriel's Meteors now deal true damage
- Azriel's Flame Pillar deals true damage and deals 25% more damage
- Fixed last boss HP being incorrect
- Changed skin name to match in the Mobs config
- Added the missing skill file for Azriel
- Improved Azriel's Guardian combat check
- Added base XP drops for mobs & bigger individual XP drops from bosses
- Added a new spawner check system when starting dungeon that ensures that bosses are spawned when a new party starts