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❄️Snowcloak❄️| Custom scripted dungeon | Unique Bosses

❄️Snowcloak❄️| Custom scripted dungeon | Unique Bosses 2.21

- Fixed TNT using outdated disguises on Tyr
- Fixed players with creative mode on not being able to queue
- Fixed Instance Close message on 2nd phase of Last Boss
- Fixed last boss despawning issue
- Fixed Loot Chests not working
- Fixed Reset Spawner command error
- Map updated removed old NPC
  • New Dungeon Files reworked to work seamlessly with Snowcloak by combining them
  • Fixed an issue where players in creative couldn't join the dungeon
  • Fixed out of date errors on Saga The Archivist
  • Fixed out of date error on Expanding Book
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  • Updated for MythicMobs 5.0.2+
  • Updated Lootchests for 1.18.2
  • Updated Color and tag formatting to 1.18.2
  • Updated Nametags to 1.18.2
  • Updated Disguises to 1.18.2
  • Updated to the newest Dungeons Plugin version
  • Fixed Checkpoints to now correctly save after each player pass
  • Fixed Boss bypass exploit for skipping via milk
  • Fixed Spawners not resetting on dungeon start
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- Fixes for 1.18 decimal errors in console
- Fixed targeter ring error on 1.18
- Fixed Placeholder errors on free version of MythicMobs
- Added a new potion clear mechanic when starting a boss
- Viking Adds will be disappear now if Tyr isn't nearby or is dead
- Fixed Sealing issues on King of The North
- Improved Frozen Halo hitbox
- Lingering Ice now deals true damage but base damage done is decreased by 75%
- More phasing issues fixes
- Fixed Entering Combat with bosses
- Fixed few not important console errors
- Fixed bug abse spots on the map
- Fixed issues when just using Snowcloak dungeon file
- Improved tooltip on last phase
- Removed unused code
- Removed King Instance message on death
- Fixed Last Boss fixed AI to activate even with long range attacks
- Fixed players able to shoot over barriers
- Fixed knockback effects on bosses via bows
- Fixed Dungeon End Rewards
- Map improvements
- Bosses heal on leash to prevent bug abusing
- Improved Tyr skip detection
- Removed test items that were laying on the ground in the map