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✿ MythicMobs -  40 Viking Mobs [1.14-1.19]

✿ MythicMobs - 40 Viking Mobs [1.14-1.19] 1.0

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  6. 1.19
Include 40 Viking Theme for RPG related server, all of them include medium/simple spell/skill to create low level mob

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♦ Portfolio: https://duak.e21ptit.dev/
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► Skill List:

1. Slow Attack : Next attack will create slow effect
2. Axe Throw: The Viking throw an axe to player cause damage and knockback
3. MultiArrow: Shoot three poison arrow in 45 degree
4. Rod Pull: Throw a line to pull the target
5. Fireball: Shoot a fireball to the target
6. Resist Ring: Create a shield for 15 second
7. Light Attack: Shoot a light-fire projectile from sky and burn the location
8. Stone Kick: Kick a stone to the target and knockback them
9. MagicChain: Jump and throw a chain to stun and pull target
10. Thousand Arrow: Repeatly shoot arrow in one direction to break target armor
11. Charge: Charge to target and knockup all entities in rage
12. Light Path: Create a path with thunder around
13. Stun Kick: Kick and stun nearby target
14. Fire Doom: Create a area of fire that cause Confusion effect and burn effect
15. Smash: Jump up, once hit ground, knockup all block around and make target stun
16. Spider Line: Shoot line around and pull nearby target
17. Wood Wall: Create wood wall around self to block attack
18. Punch: Double leap to target and punch two time, the second punch knockback target
19. Dark Beam: Shoot a dark projectile
20. Fast Teleport: Random teleport around target and shoot projectile
21. Fast Teleport Melee: Teleport around target in short interval and melee attack
22. Double Jump Kick: Double jump, once hitting ground, knockup nearby entities
23. Smoke: Create dark particle around and cause bind effect
24. Snow Field: Create snow field that make target slow and knockback
25. Speed: Increase speed in short time
26. Fast Dodge: On getting attack, there is a chance the viking step left/right to dodge
27. Chant: Chant a spell projectile to target
28. Power Leak: Shoot a spell projectile to target
29. Dirt: Shoot a wave of dirt to target, then dig up from ground there
30. Wave: Shoot a wave of water and knockback target
31. Snow Fall: Shoot a projectile that create snow path and slow nearby entities
32. Slash: Create a "slash particle" effect and dealing damage
33. Guardian Shield: Increase protection and health in short time
34. Five Arrow: Shoot five flame arrow forward
35. Energy Ball: Shoot a energy ball
36. Bomb Ice: Throw a bomb that frozen nearby target
37. Snow Storm: Create a storm of snow that cause blind and slow to nearby target
38. Poison Bomb: Throw a bomb that make nearby enemy poison
39. Fish Pull: Throw a rod that pull target
40. Fast Slash: Charge forward and dealing damage to enemy in path

► Showcase Video:​

► Tested on:​

- MythicMobs 4.9+
- Minecraft 1.18.2 (PaperSpigot)
- Protocollib + LibsDisguises

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