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✨CorePackV2 (Cosmetics) ✨ +19 all Models⚡(30% OFF)⚡ 3D ⚡Decoration✅

✨CorePackV2 (Cosmetics) ✨ +19 all Models⚡(30% OFF)⚡ 3D ⚡Decoration✅ 1.6

Corrected where the texutra did not display correctly.
Corrected where the model was incorrectly positioned.
Fixed problem with 1.17.1 still in testing phase.
Fixed problem with geyser but it is not stable for bedrcok not recommended for this pack and if you use it at your own risk I don't support that game.
Corrections were made:

* Fixed problem where some models were not visible.
* Fixed lag and performance problems.
* Fixed bug where models were incompatible with other models.
It was solved where the material was not a paper type item.
Now it supports 99.9% AI because I am missing 1 model that is not yet finished and is in alpha phase the reindeer antlers.

+ Added backpacks in ItemsAdder.
+ Added new hexcode colors to backpacks.
+/- Wing texutras problem has been corrected.
+/- Fixed problem of models without textures in backpacks.
+/- witch hats are now visible.
+/- fixed several crashing problems.
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This is a big update we added several new models that you will see, folders changed names, 1 was added this version is not very stable especially for the work it took me to make it, we added support for itemsadder then when you extract the pack you will find 1 itemsadder folder inside this will be a data folder that is not yet finished I have to add the reindeer horns, backpacks and other things to fix.

I leave photos of the 5 new models onque are 7 but it does not matter.
obsidian, honly, wood red, porpurle, goold, diamond, porpule

Curved horns were added.
Added 3 for now until the pack gets owners and think about adding more cosmetics.

the texture bug has been fixed.
the texture model was repaired.
improved performance.
fixed a problem in 1.18.1 and 1.19.1 where the model was not loaded by 1 texture.

A 50% discount is added for holidays.

Wings cosmetics have been added, these are the pamphlets that will be added more as we see how this cosmetics pack evolves.

it does not have configuration files yet, it is a pack of models with textures.
it still lacks many models to be a definitive cosmetic pack.