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✨CorePack ✨ +195 Models  Swords , +2 Models Staff⚡ 3D ⚡ RPG ✅

✨CorePack ✨ +195 Models Swords , +2 Models Staff⚡ 3D ⚡ RPG ✅ T7.0.1.c

Fixed texture golden_sword_f and e

The new models can be found in the new models golden folder!

they are only from gold_sword_a.json to gold_sword_iron.json the others I didn't put texture in the upgrade 2.30 I will add the others with textures and a new series of sword begins
new texture that was added to some models soon I will add 5 more models and I also fixed errors with oraxen that did not take my models I do not know why or how to fix it the truth I thank my friend Luis for everything.
We fixed a bug I think... in 1.17.1 that the models were not visible, now they are perfectly visible.

Fixed texture and rute módem for folder.
* the bloodsword model was modified.
* fixed some errors in sword coordinates
* modified models that were incorrectly positioned
* added particles to animated swords like fire
* fixed textures from 1.17.1 so that all versions can see them no matter if you are in 1.15.2
* Damaged models were changed
* Changed all the gold folder
* Modified the diamod_pickaxe.json file.
The diamond_sword.json file was wrong I forgot to mark the folders and I left a .txt inside the items folder in models so they learn to add an item and it is very easy.
Dear Buyers!,

In this update it is a well loaded one:
× Fixed the bug with another texture.
× Added new texture from 1.17.1 for future items.
× Fixed some models.
× I'm still repairing old models that were ugly.
× More spikes and swords will be added.
* Textures were adapted to almost all models.
* Special effects were ordered for animated weapons.
* The in-game view model has been modified, now it is more evenly matched and some are missing.

Notice if you buy and you do not receive the pack you have to contact me by discord and there I put the package delivered and you follow the steps that I tell you because paypal is giving errors for discounts
Finish ordering models and repair textures!

Reucerden this month only for this month halloween discount