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✨CorePack ✨ +195 Models  Swords , +2 Models Staff⚡ 3D ⚡ RPG ✅

✨CorePack ✨ +195 Models Swords , +2 Models Staff⚡ 3D ⚡ RPG ✅ T7.0.0.b

This is another repair and improvement of textures I added 10 new textures that will give me better ideas for new models ideas in discord I will take the most good and not so complex.
Dear, buyers or future buyers, I hope you are well, it's been almost 1 year since I started this project and I am very happy, I have not yet reached the sum of 5000 euros that I am looking for, but we are already at 291 euros, that's why and for the motivation that my little sister will be able to see again, I leave here what I bring you today.

I cleaned all the models, I readjusted how the player looked with the models,
Texture problems solved.
Fixed the model loading error.
Delay of the model that had 500 cubes fixed, I left it half empty inside.

To use the pack now is recommended a server with 2 gb of ram in case of being 1.18 use one of 5 gb minimum will depend on the players and their cpu also if they hold the textures take into account this.

I know that adding oraxen will be hard for me that I don't know much about plugins but I will learn.
all new models in folder newsworld
axe, hammer and sworld <3 ty for buy 11 new models 3D!!! week 1 work 200k cubes total model

It is now stable or at least that's what I plan to correct all the textures and other errors I saw.
Fixed a bug in the staff folder where the models did not connect the texture.
I upload it in advance because in holidays I will not have time I have 3 new staff I hope you like them in 2022 taire new staff and better models including weapons, may in the future repair all this month those that are damaged or poorly made let me know.


crismas staff v2 netherite_staff nncrismasv1
sorry problem price 9.99 ..... is 8,99 :D
Fixed load models
This major upgrade had to improve every newsword model.

The newswords folder has been modified, now only the new models in each version will be seen and in the next one they will be moved to their corresponding series.

I modified the location of misplaced textures.
fixed wrongly assigned textures.
fixed wrongly placed model poses.
added 10 new custom textures.
improved staff mechanics.
Sorry about this but I realized that a folder was not modified with the models, this update already integrates them.
Sorry to new customers
to bother you.