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✨CorePack ✨ +170 Models  Swords , +2 Models Staff⚡ 3D (Happy Holidays 50%.)⚡ RPG ✅

✨CorePack ✨ +170 Models Swords , +2 Models Staff⚡ 3D (Happy Holidays 50%.)⚡ RPG ✅ 3.4 Stable

Pickaxe id customdatamodels
Sword id customdatamodels

Now all 70 3D models have been repaired in general.

Sorry for the failure.

Hours worked 7
The customodeldata has been slightly adjusted.
this will fixed some misplaced textures in 3d models.
The daggers are separated from this pack to make a unique one with daggers but the rest are kept, the axes will be placed with the daggers.
Bugs textures is fixed sorry problems
{"predicate":{"custom_model_data":63},"model":"Bee Dague"},
{"predicate":{"custom_model_data":64},"model":"Blood Sword Power"},
{"predicate":{"custom_model_data":65},"model":"Bee Sword Power"}]}
Dague Bee NEW MODEL!! NEW SERIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bee Dague.png

Bee Pickaxe
Bee Pickaxe.png

Blood PickAxe
Blood Pickaxe.png
bee sword power
Bee Sword Power.png

blood sword power
Blood Sword Power.png

sould katana
Sould Katana.png

wood katana
Wood Katana.png

2 horus working finish
{"predicate":{"custom_model_data":58},"model":"Magme Katana"}]}
{"predicate":{"custom_model_data":59},"model":"Netherite Katana"}]}
{"predicate":{"custom_model_data":60},"model":"Prismarine Katana"}]}
{"predicate":{"custom_model_data":61},"model":"Shroomlight Katana"}]}
{"predicate":{"custom_model_data":61},"model":"Slime Katana"}]}
new models data remove the old pack and put the new one to use the new models and the new custom data model