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✨CorePack ✨ +170 Models  Swords , +2 Models Staff⚡ 3D (Happy Holidays 50%.)⚡ RPG ✅

✨CorePack ✨ +170 Models Swords , +2 Models Staff⚡ 3D (Happy Holidays 50%.)⚡ RPG ✅ 3.4 Stable

End_Staff.json !! is new model
I said no more sword upgrade until christmas but I didn't say anything about the staff O-o

null point :( sorry problem very much sorry.
Dear my clients or new clients, I have several things to say.

The breakage of the randoms folder has been repaired.
The Random model has been modified.
Added 10 new custom textures to make more models and more new sagas of the old models.
Fixed a bug in 1.18.
Fixed iron's katanas.

This is the last uograde before the holidays that will be the christmas series and of course a new staff that are the ones that cost me to make.
New Textures 1.18!!
Repaired the new texture.
Improved the quality of the new model.
Fixed an error in locating models in the newswords folder.
I am pulling original price of my pack is $16.99 holiday applies $8.99!!!!! take advantage it lasts until January 3, 2022.

1 new sword model has been added!
the rr_swords.json "models , newswords , randoms folder!!!"

new folder in newswords the Staff finally 1 staff that I did not look bad but I think I can add and improve more.

staff animation name magma_staff , and animation dark_fire!!!

Improperly placed textures were repaired.

Added new Random_Sword model.
BUG TEXTURES o_O sorry problems +_+
New series of 3. is in the folder NewSwords and randoms!
7k cubes <o_O>
hello I got a key for AdderItems and Oraxen means that I will add 5 swords to these plugins I will have to learn more about both plugins so you will have 5 examples of how the models work in plugins like this.

The Esmerald Sword folder has been fixed.
Fixed a bug where the blood models did not display correctly.
Fixed a bug where models would disappear and reappear.