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✨CorePack ✨ +145 Models  Swords , +4 Models Staff ⚡40% OFF⚡ 3D ⚡RPG ✅ (Addon ItemsAdders)

✨CorePack ✨ +145 Models Swords , +4 Models Staff ⚡40% OFF⚡ 3D ⚡RPG ✅ (Addon ItemsAdders) 19.3

Required Dependencies
What does this 3D models pack include?
This 3D models pack contains +145 models made in blockbench and textures used by minecraft vanilla, some of them customized

They are delivered to you in zip format.
Each model in the CorePack.zip is in .json for editing.
Most of them have particles.
You have +145 models made and more to be added.
The customdatamodels are obtained by loading the pack in ItemsAdders in the storage folder or directly from the UiDesinger category.
Compatible with 1.19.3
ItemsAdders required.​


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  • Installation?
    Now with ItemsAdders it is much easier:
    Step 1 copy the CorePack.zip to the "Contents" folder of your ItemsAdders.
    Step 2 extract, "verify" that a folder called "uidesinger" was extracted.
    Step 3 turn on your server or if your server was on place 2 commands:
    - iareload "wait for the reload to finish loading".
    - iazip "wait for the whole pack to be compressed in ItemsAdders".
    Ready you can use these commands in the console or inside the game this is your choice.
  • How many models do I have to addapt?
    You do not have to Addapt anything itemsadder already addapts for you all the models placed in the swords.yml file to find these CustomDataModels go to the storage folder and open the file called "items_ids_cache.yml" look for the material in our case is IRON_SWORDS and verify that it is in our workspace and our configuration file so we know it is the model.
  • Do you recommend buying?
    I recommend to buy because now it is much easier to place the pack literally now it is only 3 clicks so all my CorePack addon is done for more convenience.
  • I want to use your pack with plugins?
    If right now we use ItemsAdders.
  • I don't know how to use model packs or textures, what do I do?
    Do not buy in this case I already had several problems for these reasons.
  • One model has no texture, what can I do?
    In this case I recommend you to enter the discord where I can offer you my help with the Support !
  • How do I use it?
    By following the installation steps.
  • What are the terms of purchase?
    If you buy you are entitled to support.
    If you buy you have the right to role in discord.
    If you buy you are entitled to the whole zip file.
    ✘There is no refund for any reason as you are free to download as many copies as you want.
    ✘Do not distribute or share.
    ✘Where it is discovered that you leaked this pack you will be expelled from the license with valid proof.
Digital product
License Duration
12.99 USD
First release
Last update
4.40 star(s) 10 ratings

Latest updates

  1. 19.2

    Fixed a texture bug. Fixed a bug where the models were badly arranged... BLOCKBENCH... Updated...
  2. New Model

    ubication: model/blood folder.
  3. notice I hope not the last.

    I can no longer support you and I can no longer provide support to all my clients because of my...

Latest reviews

I had been hesitant to buy them but the post comments do help, could you add more swords or models?
yes not problem , very thaks for buy bro thanks.
I really like the work, it has no errors and I really like the new ItemsAdders, that's why I bought it.
Wow, very thanks for buy =)
195+ Models that are amazingly crafted and put together. Especially for such an affordable price
Hello, thank you I am better as you know I am a person with cancer but still I can get ahead the best thing I'm still alive hehe and although few believe it you all supported me wait for the next update that comes with itemsadder support included.
Very good job I like it I had to addapt everything to AI but I think it's good.
wow np :D thanks
pack is unfinished and does not work without major code rework/adding
will not refund as pack is actually unusable
After so many lies and paypal complaints you were left without foundation and you accuse me here, you were left without the money for liar and without license for breaking the terms that you have when you buy.
I had problems with properly installing the pack before, but when the developer got back to me it was much easier to fix! The players in my server definitely enjoy the new addition and it wasn't too hard to figure out once I knew what to do!
thanks, very thanks.
Unfortunately I have to leave a negative review. I've downloaded the pack but was unsure on how to install it properly. I'm sure the pack is wonderful and lots of fun but I was not able to experience this. I messaged the discord and pinged the admin as asked with no response. Not a big deal but when paying for a plugin it would be nice for support, installation guide or feedback from the developer.
problem solved with customer, customer tried to delete review but could not but still appreciated to have helped him.
This pack is constantly updated and the quality is 10/10. A great purchase and I recommend to anyone looking for some excellent quality models.
Thank you and wait for today's upgrade that comes loaded I have been preparing models since February 28th for today maybe I will release them once test.
Shout I need to change the xxx.json name? The mmoitems custom_data_models things only use number for the custom data
I don't fully understand your problem here is for reviews not support contact by pm from mythicraft and I will help you like everything else, if you behave like a little kid and don't let me help you I can't do anything.
Both the models and the frequency of updates deserve 5 stars
thaks for buy :D