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✨CorePack ✨ +145 Models  Swords , +4 Models Staff⚡ 3D ⚡RPG ✅

✨CorePack ✨ +145 Models Swords , +4 Models Staff⚡ 3D ⚡RPG ✅ 16.6 Stable

Thanks to cami. 龍 for all her work.
who repaired a new file for me
template #88
"drip_golden_sword" change to "drip_golden_sworld".

And from my side I fix the
template #128
template #101
template #021

please replace iron_sword.json file if you use modelengels
Fixed load packet 1.15.2


+ Model x model are now placed correctly in their folders.
+ Added several new folders for new models like projectile.
+ Optimized the models.
+ Improved old models that were missing OwO CUBES.

These changes are very extreme so much so that the old version is a baby compared to this teenage packcore stud also don't upgrade if you don't want to edit all your item files as there are new names I recommend reading patiently.

Bugs are expected I'm not saying no being STABLE I mean performance and some models if you have problem send me a dm by mythiccraft web.
Fixed a bug of a poorly constructed model in 1.18.1
new folder textures/new effects
Minor error with tests 1.18 in textures.
It is not a version that is needed yet but if you want to see the new models in the future you will need to update this is the T7.0.0.b that includes only new textures for future models that will be from P12 onwards.
Last fix before the next release of new staff and swords.

Fixed texture °89
Fixed model armory soon 7.0 :)
Pilse copy segurity for posibilitiy Bugs in 1.16
Well in this update I fixed the animation of the prismarine series that was not loading the texture in 1.17.1.
This solves a problem with a null-valued texture.

By the way if you buy the pack and you get an error do not panic is something that is being worked on will be solved soon meanwhile you when you buy I resivo a notice on Paypal I set your name and add them automatically if you have questions by mythiccraft messages I will be available as my mobile does not detect discord.
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