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✨CorePack ✨ +145 Models  Swords , +4 Models Staff⚡(20% off)⚡ 3D ⚡RPG ✅

✨CorePack ✨ +145 Models Swords , +4 Models Staff⚡(20% off)⚡ 3D ⚡RPG ✅ 18.0 BETA

Fixed bee folder due to bugs in 1.1
The customdatamodel has been repaired.
Fixed a texture problem.
Fixed a minor 3d model problem.
The license was finally removed and the people who leaked them will be banned and I will also put them on discord maybe so they know who are these people we already know the nick of spigot and mythiccraft I am finished reviewing the evidence to go to the staff and report them.

I corrected the customdatamodels, which had some bugs that I saw in 1.18.2 that now the pack is of this base and it will be since I can not continue to support 1.16.5 for changes in the pack.meta.

Textures were renamed means that there are minisucula now in all names and the folder bee, blood and arcacia are the ones that were edited for free use I still need the other progress in total 20%.

An addon for itemsadder will be added as many people are asking for it and this will be provided before the next corepackV2 Cosmetics upgrade.
minor fixed 17.7 for folder blood models.
The new CorePackV2 will be sold which will be called at the end CosmeticPack in the new version where it will only have cosmetics and things to improve it aesthetically along with some prefab configs.

Also that will be put for the first time a requirement and that is MagicCosmetics as it is the most stable plugin so if you do not want to use it with that there is no problem but no prefab will be created for HMCcosmetics because of its poor performance.
* Security was added.
* Password was added, create a ticekt in discord and claim your license and password.

the pack becomes full support at 1.19
and now has new textures that will give new swords like the new boss called warden.
Minor failure repaired:
+ Texture incompatibility fixed.
+ Fixed problem with model duplication.
Fixed major bug:
+ Fixed x ,y problem in model chords.
+ Fixed problem with unrecognized models in 1.19 without OptiFine.
mc new support 1.19
I still need to import all the new textures for the new 3 swords models that I will bring.
Fixed a minor problem where some models had no texture.

bambo folder