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✨CoreGuns✨ +45 , +10 Daggers⚡ 3D (20% OFF) ⚡ CYTYRPG ✅

✨CoreGuns✨ +45 , +10 Daggers⚡ 3D (20% OFF) ⚡ CYTYRPG ✅ 13.9

Improved performance
The 9mm and taurus models have been improved.
Fixed a bug that some models were duplicated, this was a renaming error in this version.
Improvements were made to malfunctioning weapons.

Performance was further improved by downsizing and removing fill and cube overflow in blockbench.
Now the name is CoreGuns, the weapons were made from 0 because previously it caused confluxes with 1.18.2.
Support 1.18.2 has been repaired.
Improved integration now it doesn't look so ugly when grabbed by users.
Removed blocks and many models that were too heavy are now lowered since I emptied them inside but they look great on the outside.

Improved performance by reducing the dimensions of each model.
Thanks to all for the support :) I have left a discount for everyone and as respect to those who supported me with my sister and her operation the prices of UDesingrer products will now have this fixed price will not be rescheduled.

I will also continue to improve the packs I will not abandon this work as it helps me a lot financially and I appreciate all your support.

A greeting to all I love you all from my sister in a few months I will remove the bandage and finally you can see not only say that I am excited but illucionado to think that when my parents threw us my sister for disabled and me to support and defend it I will continue to fight for their sake no matter the cost and know that all my effort was worth I have a roof , I will continue to work and support you my buyers and future buyers, any report will be taken by mythicraft write me a pm and I will answer them in order for doubts and help whenever I can I still need a lot to know how to make a server but I will learn.
New texture for new modelos future ;)
The model has been improved in third person view with f5.

- p90
- pis123
- new model future LR military.
The models have been better arranged in their respective folders, but with these changes it is still a very experimental and stable phase.